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Thread: what motor

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    what motor

    hey guys, what motor do you all recommend? just wanna bash around

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    We have 7 Revos, 5 with Picco .26's and 2 with the trx 3.3.
    The 3.3 is still a great motor and is around $100-130 new and complete on ebay.

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    I think the 3.3 is awesome with a carb upgrade. Or maybe an OS .21 many options. I do like the looks of picco red dot or picco max. I have a force .28 in my buggy an love it. What a beast down low an mid range.
    revo 3.3 tmaxx 3.3 ofna hyper 7

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    The O.S 21tm is a good engine, & its a straight drop in to the revo, also accepts the easy-start system as well. They may not have the power of a BB but then they won't break parts as much either. Its a better option than the standard engine & is easier to tune with more power.
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    OS 21tm...

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