I had my ERBE apart to rebuild diffs this week. I've always wanted to see what a rear-wheel drive ERBE would drive like. Sooooo, I decided to leave the front diff out of the bulkhead. I'm running 6s and 1/2 offset Badlands with the extended wheelbase rear arms.

Some things I noticed:

- With all that power going to the rear wheels only, it's hard to keep them from spinning! Even on asphalt, if I punched the throttle it'd spin out. On loose ground, it was almost impossible to keep straight under any kind of acceleration.

- Braking in a straight line was impossible.

- This is an entirely new vehicle to drive when rear-wheel only! If I could have gotten more traction, I would probably prefer the rear-wheel only to 4-wheel. There's just something about a rear-wheel drive that I love! It's a lot of fun being able to whip the rear end around whenever.

I have some of the old tall Trencher's that I want to throw on before I put the front diff back in. With the added height/traction it'll probably be a blast!