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Thread: diff seal?

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    diff seal?

    Okay, car is relatively new, has enough run time to be broken in. It is not abused. Yet. I pulled the rear diff to shim and all the diff fluid was in bulkhead. I had no issues other than handling started to go away...So I put 1 shim and thicker fluid in after cleaning. The 3 screws seemed to be where fluid came out of. So I dabbed some blk rtv on top and bottom hoping it would help seal. Now I pulled front bulk head and same scenario. So I am going to give it the same treatment.

    My question is, what do you do to get a better seal on diffs?

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    I think it is supposed to leak a little bit. As the oil heats up during the run it expands and has to go somewhere. Maybe try using associated green slime.

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    did you inspect the edges? It could be slightly damaged in one spot and that would cause leaking

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