I'm reposting this for you newer guyz, and for Edge. I posted this once, but I found out (this is for you DoubleG) if you move the pictures in your PhotoBucket account, it changes the address of the picture, and the pictures will disappear from your Traxxas post.

With this Mod all (batteries included) my running temperatures are 30 degrees above the water temperature. I run all stock, and use either two Traxxas 3S 6400 25C, or four Traxxas 3S 5000 25C (10,000 25C) batteries.

First you want two seperate water lines.

You also, want the CC Cap Pack which you see here mounted behind the ESC.

Next, build and install a set of water cooled heat sinks for the ESC and CC Cap Pack. You also, want to shorten your Battery wires to 2 inches. My ESC wires are 3 inches. My Traxxas batteries have the Traxxas connectors, and I have had no problem with them. Also, the Traxxas connectors are re-usable.

Front View:

Rear View:

CC Cap Pack and Mount Drawing:

CC Cap Pack / ESC Water Cooled Heat Sink Drawing:

Electronic Tray Layout Drawing:

This winter, I will post (mainly for Edge) step-by-step photos of how to solder up a set of water cooled heat sinks. Anyway like I said, this is a repeat, but for those of you who want to run stock electronics (as I do) this will solve your stock electronics's heat problem.