Since I have a T-Maxx 3.3 and do not have the Reverse gears nor now really see a reason to get them and install them I have this 3rd channel and a thumb Switch not being used. is there a way to set up the 3.3 tranny so I can use the Thumb Lever to shift from 1st to second and vice-versa?
Is that what the Opti-drive unit is for?
has anyone doen that and what are the Pro's cons of it? I was thinking it would come in handy some times if I could keep it in 1st or be able to shift when I wanted although it may be something that makes driving too complicated trying to remember when to shift up or down especially if the truck is far enough away or in enough traffic you cannot hear the engine well enough.
I am really curious as I have noticed some times my tranny seems to shift sooner then other times even though I do not adjust the shift point, One time it almost seemed like it was not going to shift then it did then on the way back past me it seemed to shift about 3/4 of the way it did previously, and that was all in about 10 seconds so it was not due to heat/cold or any changes in the settings.