So I have 2 3.3 Bodies and a 2.5 body and the 3.3 have some cracks in them so I decided to document the repairs to share with you all on what I did and how it turned out since the Bodies seem to crack and are kinda hard to repair.
Well the repairs turned out awesome I used 3M Aluminum Tape I have had since 2006 got from a place I used to work and I was getting all the links and Info together on the produstc I use etc when I found out the 3" X 60 Yd .005" Thickness aluminum tape runs at $101 Per roll.
I kinda thought that may be way more then anyone would want to spend on Aluminum Tape, Although it does work great for waterproofing and especially Effecient at heat shielding.
If anyone is still interested in what I did or the tape let me know and I will either post the Tape info or the complete Repair info.
I just didn't see the reason to make a Huge post about the info after I found the Tape is so expensive.
I know I will no longer be using it in stupid stuff like I have, now it will be locked in my safe and used as if it were 24K gold Tape!
I used this stuff on some really stupid things too. Glad I still have alot left be really upset if I was out and was looking to replace it and found it was this expensive.