Well, many of you know my ongoing Slash 4x4 saga...but now I think there's definitely a problem with the stock NiMH and need assistance. I opened it up, cleaned it out, wrapped it with electrical tape again. It didn't go so well at first, but then started to speed up, so I took it outside for some laps up and down the street. After it'd slowed down, I brought it back in and applied a little throttle to keep it rolling in order to drain the battery down completely before recharging (as was suggested on the Slash 4x4 board). When it stopped moving, I removed the battery pack and noticed the electrical tape around one of the cells has started to melt. At first, I thought maybe it was close to the motor and the excess heat aided the process, but it's a cell that was sitting further away from the motor. Is this an indication that this particular cell is shot? Moreover, did I ruin my chances of getting it replaced due to rewrapping it?