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    What's a used Rustler worth?

    A friend of mine is looking to sell his Rustler in the spring after his racing season is over and I'm thinking about buying it. But we're both wondering what it's worth. This is what he says the whole package includes:

    "Rustler vxl, 2 extra brushed motors the upgraded controller, onyx 230 charger team checkpoint balancer, 3000mah 3s lipo, 4 venom 3600 6cell, set of four neon yellow 1/8th size wheels and tires, 2bodys, some extra oem rear wheels, dynamite tool kit, extra arms, shocktowers, handful of spurs and pinions, i can get a custom bumper back if wanted(plexiglass) has the aluminum big bore shocks on it from a slash and the stock shocks , wheelie bar, I'm sure I'm forgetting more that's just off the top of my head."

    What do you guys think all that is worth, and what is a fair price to pay for it. He says the motors are just 27 turns and didn't say what brand they were.
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