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    Fix jato or put engine in Rustler

    Hopefully someone will have some advice for me on this. I am trying to install a 3.3 Jato motor into my older 1.? Nitro Rustler. Or maybe just fix the jato

    My friend bought this Jato 3.3 and had it for 2 weeks before he broke the frame. Then he moved on and i purchased his whole car from him. Now i am trying to take his motor and install it onto mine (rustler). Do you guys have any info, pictures or videos, on how i can do this or the parts i will need to make it happen?? Or should i just replace the frame of the Jato, which seems like a lot of work, but then i might be able to upgrade other stuff with changeing the frame?

    It has been sitting for a couple years now but was working great before it broke/sitting. Does this matter at all?

    I would like to do this over the winter and have it ready for the spring.

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    the 3.3 is direct drop in to rustler. I like the 3.3 rustler for off road bashing, is much better control than jato, my 2 cents.

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    I beleive it is only a direc drop in for the 2.5 Rustler. If it's the old .15 Rustler I think you need the motor mount from the 2.5, Traxxas part # 4460.
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