Well, ordered a funny car from A Main hobbies on the 23rd of November and it arrived all the way here to Western Australia in only 5 days!, that's an amazing turn around, especially for USPS express mail international.

Opened her up and had a good look over it. Awesome RC Traxxas!, the only thing I had to do was loosen off the rear hex screw to allow the body to rotate up and stay in place, was a bit tight!.

Have already been down to my local hobby store today and ordered the 16,18 & 20T pinions for it and picked up a new Traxxas 3S 6400mah 25/50C 11.1v Lipo!, she should absolutely fly with it in!

Really love the detail on the rear wheels, so very realistic, Traxxas have done an amazing job on them!.

Looking forward to a nice day out here. Currently have a decent storm going through, so hopefully this weekend I can get out and go for a first run!.

Also looking at the DTS-1 timing system, but apparently we're not allowed to have them in Australia due to the frequency it uses and it interfering with planes etc... Hmmm...