All stock components, ESC, 550 Motor and I do not want to blow the thing up. I'll swap to street/performance tires, lock down the suspension a bit and run with 2s 5000 mah 25c Lipos. So what gearing would be "safe" as to not overheat the system and what can I expect to see performance wise?

Of course I can go and use the calculator and see the theoretical speed but I want to know what I can do without blowing the motor or ESC up, what you guys have tried, what worked, what didn't, etc. 23t x 86?

And yes, making it more aerodynamic and less "truck" would certainly help but I want to be able to do a few mods, tire swap, move the suspension and be back in truck mode and I'd rather be able to do this and loose 2 mph top speed then good to far in the other direction or blow my Slash up!