i want some new tires and possibly wheels,i dont qwant to spend 40+ dollars, i dont have the money to do that, and then in the next 2 months upgrade to mip's and lipo's!! i will be driving in snow shortly in michigan,and use these tires as a 2nd set for snow, gravel, or mud. i like the e-maxx chevron style tires which remind me of proline mashers, which is fine by me. i was also looking into a 1:16th scale of summit tires, canyon a/t on goedes.i like trenchers but i feel like everyone and their brother has trenchers,so i want to make a low sitting, low Cg,stable, good 4 wheels drive truck, simalar to a hpi savage flux, like thomasp74's little brother( i think its his little brothers) to be exact.thanks guys!