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    Decided on being a sole slash 2wd owner

    It is really for a selfish reason of teacing me to be a better driver. I have had 2wd slash before and got a jammin scrt10 and it in my opinion is the best short course truck around for racing because it feels like an 1/8 buggy, and i know that because i had one also. I also had a erbe and it was fun but the 4x4 and wide stance make up for poor driving skills and the power makes up for poor throtle control but i figure a vxl slash 2wd with a 2cell lipo will be the best and most rewarding rc for this point in my rc life

    But i will be getting a 4x4 when i sell the merv or trade for one or another 2wd slash
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    Slash 4x4

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