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    My Bandits story so far...

    Well, here's a little bit on my experiences building up my first XL5 Bandit from Traxxas.

    First bought her here in West Aus about 2 years ago,($320 AUD here in AUS for an XL5 :O), had a bit of fun with it out front with the kids etc in stock form, she then went away for a little while due to moving house.

    Stock bandit with Black chrome wheels and rear Anaconda tire:

    Fast forward 2 years and I had got her out of the box again and wanted to use it again.
    I found out my stock transmitter for some reason was faulty, so took it to my local hobby store and they replaced it and re programmed the bandit for me.

    Having used it again for a week or so I went back to the hobby store, which had recently opened, and checked out the new parts/upgrades available for the Bandit.

    Needless to say the path to hopping up the Bandit had begun.

    First was the black chrome wheels with the Anaconda street tires! - there's something about the tread that draws me to them!. Lots of grip on the finished bitumen road too.

    Next i replaced the wheel hubs with the red bearing fitted, anodised aluminium versions from Traxxas. Not to long after that I bought the Hardened steel rear yokes and then while viewing the Hobbywing EZrun brushless systems in the windows, decided to make the move to a brushless system. So paid for the 4300kv 9T with 35amp esc kit from HW and bought a Venom 2S 5300mah 70/140C high punch Lipo!, my first!.

    Video with the new brushless system:

    The first brushless upgrade - which i still have in box:

    Photo with some of the above in it:

    Got her all together and before taking her out, put in the optional 31T pinion. Still had the stock 76T spur.

    Oh man she was fast! ever so much more than the XL5 and Titan set up.
    Next came the want to upgrade the transmitter and receiver!, bought a FLYSKY GT3-C initially -locally, and used it maybe 3 times, on the fourth outing i did a run down my street and it rolled to a stop on the main road! eeekk!, ran out there fast before it got flattened by a passing car! lol my heart was beating pretty fast by this time!.

    With the Venom 2S and FlySky GT3-C:

    Took the car back to the local store and gave the fella the run down on it turning itself off and not coming back on.

    Turned out to be a dud transmitter. So paid a little more and bought the Traxxas TQi 4 channel with the iPhone dock. Don't know why I didn't get that the first time!. Back to normal now.

    By this time I had found A Main Hobbies! and so began the spending of monies on more aluminium hop ups which included the red anodised castor blocks,(had to drill the bottom A arm hole in the blocks with a 1/8th drill bit to fit the Bandits pins), STRC front shock tower in gun metal, STRC bulkhead in red, red shock caps and all the vxl turn-buckle camber & toe links. Next followed the Traxxas aluminium red steering bell crank and large black RPM front bumper. Also got the traxxas wheelie bar! and a few days later sussed out some red anodised rubber wheels with bearings for it about an hours drive from where i am.

    Photo with more hop ups:

    Bellcrank photo etc:

    Lastly the fibreglass tie rod on the front with the VXL hex head screws and A arm pins.

    The front end is very solid and holds very well on the high speed runs on the street.

    The Bandit is mainly a Street Bandit now, with the occasional run on the large flat manicured grass ovals from time to time. I swap over to some black wheels with spiked tires for that.

    The Grass Cat wheels/tires I call them, photo below - can also see the top vent hole has been cut out, funnels cold air right onto the esc/fan!

    I also ordered a Greaves Edition body through my local store but apparently its on back order, so my guess is as good as anybodies as to how long that will take to show up. It will finish the looks off nicely though.

    Fast forward 4 weeks and I've gotten used to the new brushless setup on the high punch 2S 5300 lipo. So back through the local store and found the VXL Velineon system there, a lot more money here than buying overseas, eg $260 price tagged on the kit! :O. I had also heard some bad stories on the stock VXl 3s esc and over heating...

    Also noticed a nice Hobbywing SCT 4 pole 3656 4000kv 9T motor sitting in the window in its box with the 120amp waterproof ESC and program card. It was reasonably priced and I wanted to go up to a 3 cell lipo so this would be a great choice in my opinion, (for me to run a 3S on my last brushless system i would need to find a 6v line to solder the esc's fan to, so the 11.1v from the 3s wouldn't fry it!)... more stuffing around that i didn't really want to do.

    Any how, picked up the next brushless 4 pole 3656 motor and got a great fella to solder the wires on for me and change the battery end to the deans style connector as that's what the Esc had on it already.

    Video with the current brushless system as above:

    Photo as she stands now - have also adjusted the shock spacers so she sits lower, helps so she doesn't flip over.

    Didn't have the tie bar and turn-buckle toe links on in the above shot, but they're on in the front on suspension shot above more.

    Photo of new 3S 5000mah 30/60C Lipo & 120a HW waterproof ESC:

    Got the car back home and got her turned on and, Holy mackerel! she moves like a car possessed!, wheelies at any speed and I'm going to need to find a LOT bigger straight of road to run her on!.

    Any ways I'm sussing out the Pro-line race transmission now, probably don't need it but hey... its an addiction! lol
    Also have a set of 1/8 funny car front skinny wheels/tires coming to try and get fitted to her for speed runs!. Looking at fitting a set of big bore shocks also.

    At the end of the day I figure... I don't drink or smoke, so there's a big saving right there that can fund my traxxas habit.

    Hope the read wasn't too long for you

    Stach (Stanislaw).
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