Couldnt really find a good place to get fair advise on which truck to buy next so, I thouhgt Id post where Im leaning toward. As you can see below, Ive got 4 trucks now, but really want another electric to bash with. For the longest time I was set on the E-Revo (1/16), but talking with the owner at my LHS, he tells me the slash (4X4 1/10) is a much better truck for this. And I belive his price was $409.00 for it. Right now (being winter), Im only bashing the Pede at the moment, and its stock body doesnt handle this well lol.

I want to get something brushless as my Pede is brushed, and want Lipos. If you might suggest any better truck that I wont have to mod all to **** right away lol, that be cool. Heres my current line up. BTW, I wanna keep the price tag around $500 for the truck and charger or there abouts.