I have been out of R/C for awhile but have a pretty good understanding of all the parts and how everything works. I had electrics before, never any nitro cars, did have quite a few planes though so I do understand nitro engines. I am really interested in the Slayer but had a few questions, I searched but couldnt find exactly what I was looking for. How does the 4x4 system hold up in these? I know sometimes 4x4 systems can have issues or break. Also how clean does this one stay, I am not against cleaning but just curious how the exhaust out the back does. Also how is tuning with the 3.3? It seems to be simple from what I read but curious to hear what you guys say. I am also going to have to buy it fully RTR so how is the systems that come with it? I have read alot about putting stronger servos in, and curious if that is fully recommended. Thanks for any input guys!