Ok guys bear with me this will be painfully confusing but I will try my best to keep it simple as possible. Ok so for Christmas I am going to ask for a slash 4x4 Vxl tqi mike Jenkins edition from tower hobbies. As my cart currently sits like this:
Slash 4x4 Vxl
Vxl-3s esc fan
Trx battery expansion kit
Aluminium shock caps
Integy twin fan for 4x4 slash
Novak y harness (for esc and motor fan duel connection)
Rpm black rear bumper
Rpm mud flaps
Rpm front bumper
Red strc aluminum hexes
Novak thermal heat transfer grease.
Total: 548.09 Canadian.

Ok so that was the easy part. Suggestions about what to take out or add to cart welcome.
So I have split six rims with the red bead locks with proline trenchers on them (I bash only BTW) I wasn't worried about offset so I ordered slash 2wd rears for the front and back for my 2wd slash. I was wondering if the 2wd rears will work for my 4x4 slash without any problems? I know the offset for the 4x4 would be off with the 2wd rears but I wouldn't be too concerned because like I say I only bash. Also the reason for the whole wheel thing is that I am worried that if I use my 2s and 3s lipos I will rip the glue off my stock tires that come with the truck because that happened to me with my 2wd when I first upgraded to lipos.

Anyways thanks for bearing with me if you made it this far haha. I am welcome to suggestions and comments feel free to post pics of your current fan setups or wheel configurations or whatever!