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Thread: track at home

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    track at home

    im buildig a track at home for a mini. i eventually want to go to a 1/10 vehicle though. right now i have the track layout done. i got some woodchips from the old school playground a few years ago and used those for the track. that idea wont last for long though. they slow it down and get caught in the driveshafts. my space is pretty limited. i just have about a 36x55 area. i have used as much of that space as i can. because of the limited space the track is just 6 ft wide.

    does anyone have any recommendations? it can go wider if i go around a willow tree. also any idea of how to kill the grass? im thinking about flipping the dirt so that the grass dies and the woodchips get buried but grass and weeds will probably come back up eventually.

    ill post pics of how its going when i get home.

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    I'm not sure if a garden tiller will tear through grass but going through dirt I think it would help a lot for building a track, you can easily dig up the loosened soil with a shovel and create small jumps and if it digs through grass you'd instantly have a track cut out. With a tiller yo could build up berms in the corners, with a shovel you will decide flat cornering is just fine lol
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    You can use round-up to kill the grass..
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