I'm building a 4x4 Slash for my soon to be 11yr old son. I'm starting with a Platinum roller with some upgrades (ebay) but need to pick a motor. He's just going to be bashing and running around the neighborhood some asphalt. I have some 2s batteries so plan on using those. I'm thinking SENSORED since he's new and it will smooth things out for him. He doesn't need extreme speed and in fact longer life would be more preferred I'm sure.

So I've been reading all over and keep getting confused. I was close to getting a Tenshock 411 in 3500Kv but figured I'd better get some confirmations on that decision. I got concerned reading that motor really sucks the batteries fast. Is there a comparable that doesn't eat through batteries quite as fast? I'm just confused about how the Kv and the battery size interact for speed and endurance. So many variables!

Thanks guys!!