So since recently getting back into RC and completing a resto on a Lunchbox (what i always wanted as a kid)... i have started looking for my next purchase / project.

I reckon this might be for me

I've been working my way through most of the 2WD Slash related threads on the forum(s) seeing whats what and how to "tweek" these...

I've only ever run NiMH batteries so need some advice and help on making the move to Lipo... essentially, what will i need to buy. I've been looking at chargers etc, am i best getting something with balancing built in ? i'll only be running 2s on the standard XL-5 ESC and Titan 12T for the time being, assuming that will be ok ? Do Traxxas use their own type of connector from the ESC to the battery or are they a deans type ? Will i also need to install a low voltage cutoff ?

Sorry for all the questions, i have been trying to work this out on my own for a week or so and just when i think i am getting my head around it all, i read or see something else which makes me think i know

Thanks, Nige