Hi guys, its been a while since I've been here last but I need help.

So I'm still in my seemingly endless search for more channels without sacrificing the docking base but when I was browsing the summit section I saw this http://traxxas.com/forums/showthread...=1#post5097800 and now I'm pretty excited that it might be coming to a close. I came here to see what you guys think and discuss how to do it.

Here are the things I want to use it for:

-The basics
-Separate rear steering (proportional)
-Two speed transmission
-T Lock diffs
-Possibly lights
-I'm not that familiar with FPV but I'm interested
-Anything else you guys recommend if it's within reason

I was thinking about putting my Ipod on top with a cord going into the transmitter but there isn't a lot of surface area up there so maybe the intended position is better. What I do know is that I want the rear steering wheel and the switches where they are in the pictures in the link above.