Well, it finally happend. I broke my first part on my 11 month old Slash. Me and my friends (the same ones building our rc car track) were out bashing my Slash, and all was well. Untill a brick jumped out in front of me. Guess that's what I get for driving in grass, at night, with no lights. Not much damage, but it's the first part I've broken on my Slash since I got it for christmas last year. Oh well, it's only a $3.00 part, not bad. I still have to check and see if anything else is bent or broken. I'm impressed with how tough my Slash is. I was going full speed (20 mph ) when I hit the brick. It sent my Slash flying through the air, at least 5-10 feet. I'm glad only the caster block broke, not the a arm or shock. But, if at least if the shock broke I could have fixed that leak... Here is some pictures of the damage.