The last couple days I bashed this truck off the snow ramp were a bit unlucky with breakages that seemed to occur every 2 or 3 launches. Nothing major, but a bit frustrating. The rear of the ramp is melting away quick and ive had to build up the face of the ramp a few times already. When building up the ramp, I gave it some more vert to try and get the truck to land on the rear slope of the ramp, but the big air launches still end up landing on flat ground.

I am amazed that I have not bent a shock shaft yet as i am still running the stock shafts in the strc bodies. Stub axles have been swapped out of this rig more than the lipos have, so I am now running HPI drive shafts in the rear that I had originally made for my HR P2de and they are holding up strong. Oh yeah and you guys have all seen those nice shiny looking steel cvds on ebay, well dont waste your money on em cuz theyre garbage. Youll see in the following video that i bent one stub axle and snapped the other, they are as strong as warm butter. When i had first bought the shiny steel cvds for my P2de and posted a pic on the forum, I remember rag6 called them "Integy-ish" looking, well he was right on the money on that one. Fifty bucks well wasted!

I upgraded the rear bearing carriers to some blue Traxxas Aluminum carriers for now cuz they were in stock at Best Buy, just until I get all the new HR parts ordered. I also dropped in an 18 tooth pinion for a bit more speed and managed to pull off a 48mph launch/backflip which is the last jump in the video. Enjoy: