Ok guys, I recently recieved the hardware needed to start my complete jato sand drag build. After my recent turkey lunch, I'm torn on weather to pull it out and begin build, or just take a nap. Lol.

The purpose of this build is as follows:

Take all pre exsisting traxxas jato parts and create a new toy with many different functions without selling out to the electric world. I own and occasionally enjoy the dc cars but truly enjoy the realistic approach of a NITRO POWERED funny car.

This build is somewhat different from slayer17's by retaining a full jato suspension front and rear along with retaining the stock track width of a jato.
I feel these features will work better for me in pursuit of sand or mud drag racing. This build will use a stock 3.3 AND show the clean fit of my picco .28 big block.

Ok. Enough. I'm headed out into shop to get started.