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    Anti Sway bars prevent nose-dives?

    I know that the anti sway bars prevent the chassis from swaying, but I was wondering if they also prevent the nose from diving during braking, this seems to be a problem. Would upgraded shocks also fix this problem?

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    Sway bars will not, but some shock tuning will...
    Heavier oil along with some stronger springs should stop the dive. But, due to the heavier oil, you may need to upgrade shock bodies as the lower cap just snaps on and is known to snap itself off with heavy shock oil.
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    Yeah, what Jimmie said.
    I did the shock tuning on mine for that exact reason. I went with the HR bodies, turned the pistons over with the smaller hole on top, and used a mix of 70WT and 10K diff oil. Made it very stiff, and prevents most of the nose dive on braking.

    Good luck!
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    Yep!! Jimmie is tha MAN!!!! I went with the heavier shock oil (80wt) and black stripe'd springs up front and tans in the rear and it was like night and day!!!
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