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    SAFE running for 3S lipo slash vxl 1/16th gears and advice please

    hello guys im struggling to find concerete solid infomation regarding running 3s lipo and 2x traxxas nihms for nihm 12s. can you please list the true set for the 3s and 2x nihms my theory upto now is.

    (31t pinion) should be used for 2s lipo or 1x nihm only.

    (28t pinion) should be used with 2x nihm or 3s lipo with low voltage cut off deactivated, and not bashed. only consistent speed runs not on and off the throttle.

    please correct or confirm above.

    can we use the 28t pinion for any battery from one nihm to 2x 3s lipos in series, or would the 28t make the mini slash run too hot with 1 nihm or a 2s lipo?

    also where do we stand on using 1/10th on road wheels with 3s lipo?

    also traxxas call the 28t pinion the high speed pinion but the 31t would be the fastest so would a 2s lipo and 31t pinion be the best all round set up and quite close to the 3s set up anyway?

    thank you taking a look and i hope you can advise for safe running
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