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    Can i use 1 TQI TX with 2 TQI RX's? (Not at once)

    I have 2 trucks, Soon to be 3. I have 1 TQI TX and 1TQI RX. Can i bind the TQI TX i have to another TQI RX? And if i can bind my TX to 2 other RX's. Will it pick up the rx connection as soon as i turn on my truck? I keep the TX setting at default and i dont have a docking base. I just dont want to have 3 TX's and 3 RX's. And i dont want to spend a ton on a new better TX. Any help would be great. I am not trying to drive all of my trucks all at once if thats what some of you guys think i mean. I just want to use my trucks one at a time just waith 1 TX.
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