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    XL-10 & LiPos

    I looked for a better spot to put this, there is no sub-forum just for ESCs...

    I'm running a used RC I just bought on a XL10 and 12T Orion. I don't know how much I am going to get into this kind of RC, so I don't want to dump too much money into it, I had this motor and ESC sitting on the shelf. I have a few packs through this RC and liking this style of RC, but I am using LiPOs (2S, 5000mha) and the XL10 does not have a LiPo cutoff. I know I get 20-25 minutes of life out of these batteries on my Slash 4x4, and 25-30 minutes in my Slash 2x4, so I am limiting my run times to less than 20 minutes; this is a RC that is built for racing and it is about half the weight of the 2x4 Slash. But, I would perfer a better protection than just monitoring time.

    I bought a Novak Smart Stop kit from my LHS and just got done installing it. I verified my connections were wired up properly, no shorts and the (+) and (-) all match up correctly. I plugged everything in, and powered it on, everything looked like it was functioning properly, no problems. I ran the RC around for about 2 minutes in my computer room (8-15 ft), never getting over 5mph. The RC started acting funny and gltching like mad (using a DX3R), I pick it up by the back it and burn my fingers on the motor. Checking the temps: motor - 160, ESC - 150deg!!! Luckily the battery was still cool. I disconnect the Smart Stop and connect everything up with out and my temps never get about 100deg on ESC or motor performing the same driving.

    I don't know if the Smart Stop is bad or if the XL10 just does not like having a LiPO cutoff attached to it. This is a short term problem, I'm liking this RC, so I will get an ESC and motor for racing, but, for now I will be running it with the XL10.

    Is there any way to LiPo protect a XL10?

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