I kept this quiet for a bit as I didnt really know what path I was taking but here goes.
My project started life as a run of the mill 3905. I bought it 2nd hand and was bitterly disappointed with various things , such as the performance on NIMH and the plastic chassis which is poor at the best of times....then the project began. You know what its like...you start with a little something and suddenly you have rebuilt it all. Well you could say I rebuilt it all.

T Maxx 4907 chassis. Modded to accept E Maxx Tranny
Single motor plate and covers
Hobbywing WPSC8 and 2350Kv BL motor.
Traxxas upgrade slipper kit
Slash waterproof receiver box.
Single High Torque servo
Modded servo saver
Battery trays cut from yet another snapped chassis
FLM Bulks
FLM Shock towers
FLM bulk braces.
Alu skids cut down
Modded chassis braces to take brackets for Tranny mount
BL Diffs
Lundsford hinge pins
RPM front arms
RPM True Track Rears
Traxxas Red Turnbuckles
Thunder Tiger MTA4 roll hoop
Thunder Tiger MTA4 side guards
Traxxas big bores
Traxxas Centre shafts

I think I am done.

Any comments welcome.