I went to Hobbytown USA and the Salesman/Cashier (Which BTW I was totally Unimpressed with and Kinda Offended by the way I was Treated and I was there to Purchase things not just ask a Bunch of Questions which I am sure they get from people with no intentions of making a Purchase) He said the Black T-Maxx Shocks and the Grey Shocks along with the Big Bore Shocks are all the same.
Is that True? Why would they make 3 Different kind of shocks that are Identical?
Also when I change the Shock Oil can I Filter The current oil and save it for later useage or is it considered a consumable Item that just needs to be replaced each time you rebuild a shock or switch wt.?
To rebuild 8 shocks how much oild do I need to be sure I am able to fill each one to proper level?
I have 1 #1666 Silicon Damper oil that is supposed to be 30wt though I do not see that written anywhere on package or bottle and it does not appear to be enough to do all 8 shocks (just from my figuring shock size and bottle size) how many shocks is this bottle suppose to fill?
Thanks for all the great help everyone and Sorry I ask so many questions soon I will run out of things to ask then hopefully I can share my knowledge with others.