Ok, my revo just got a makeover and now its the TRX 3.3 ..

Well before the colder weather my Revo was running perfect. However, now that the temp has dropped 30 degrees I'm having a little issue. I know that when the temp drops you should richen the HSN because of the denser air. My Revo was running a little warm (280-300) so I richened the HSN to get the temps down. Now that the temps are in a respectable range I'm having a issue after wide open throttle. From take off all the way through the power band the engine runs perfect; nice trail of smoke, nice performance, nice temps. However as soon as I let off the gas after a high speed run the car drops to a idle that is barely running then after a few seconds or if I tap the gas the idle returns to a perfectly fine healthy idle. If I lean the HSN back up to get rid of the almost dying issue the car over heats. Ran a few tanks trying to trouble shoot it and I just can't figure it out. Thanks in advance for any help.