I went out looking for a 14.4 volt dewalt today everywhere i could think of. I finally found a place that could order some in (43$ ) I showed the guy my 775 and told him what i was going to do with the dewalt and he went to the back and grabbed a box. it was full of motors all the same and very similar in size and shape to the dewalt. he said he didn't know anything about them and said he would sell me one for 15$ (after and hour of searching) i finally found that it was an 18V bosch motor. The stock motor mount almost fits, it wound need the middle biggest hole to be drilled bigger. Even the screw holes line up!! Now I know that it would be slightly under powered but how much? I have the stock 16.8V esc and I run onyx 5000 mAH 7.2 25c lipo, and the stock 7C that came with my summit. If my stock ESC wont work, is there another one that might work? thanks for any help

the one on the left is the titan