Up for sale is a purpose built Slash 4x4 Monster Truck conversion. Prices listed are what I paid new, I have had this truck for approximately 4 months, the motor and speed control I've had for less than 2 months. The truck can easily be converted back into SCT form by just using an SCT body, wheels and lowering the body mounts. It can also be converted into the shorter Stampede 4x4 as that is what it originally started out as and has all the stampede 4x4 parts which are included. The truck's top speed is 60.5MPH and has all the power you could want!

Base Chassis: Slash 4x4 SCT VXL Edition $400

- 4x New Proline Trencher 2.8 tires, taped (to prevent ballooning), balanced and glued $50
- 4x Traxxas Twin Star 2.8 wheels (trenchers are mounted on these) $20
- 4x Tekno M6 steel axels in front and rear $110
- 1x Traxxas Swaybar kit, hard front, soft rear $22 (comes with hard rear optional)
- 4x Traxxas aluminum shock caps front and rear $10
- 2x Losi green springs front $5
- 2x Losi blue springs rear $5
- 1x 45 wt silicone oil front and rear
- 4x Traxxas Hardened steel titanium nitride shock shafts front and rear $20
- 1x Castle creations SCT Combo: Castle 1415 series 2400kV 550 4 Pole motor, Castle Mamaba Max Pro controller $200
- 1x Traxxas Heatsink Motor Mount $15
- 1x King Headz Aluminum Larger Center Bearing Carrier $35
- 1x Novak HV Heatsink for 550 BL motors $17
- 1x Traxxas Diff Housing Support and spider gear set for rear diff $12
- 1x JC Concepts Ford Raptor SVT Body for Slash 2wd and 4wd $37
- 4x Set of IMEX Baja Wide 2.8 tires $45
- 8x IMEX 2.8 wheels (I was going to get a second set of MT tires from IMEX, but they are moving their factory so nothing is in production until 2013, hence the extra set of wheels) $40
- 1x 4S 4500mah 35C battery, only 3 weeks old. I originally ordered two packs, one came with a bad cell (cell No 1). I will include that pack as it still has 3 good cells if you take the time to remove the bad cell it is a perfectly functionin. $50
- Hot Racing Aluminum bell crank $30
- Aluminum Slipper Pads $10
- 15 19T Traxxas Mod .8 pinions $15
- Various spare bearings & replacement parts

Total Value New (does not include cost of extras): $1,148

I added quite a bit of additional cooling so the max temp never surpasses 170F even under extreme driving (straight speed runs on pavement for an entire pack). This keeps things working reliably over extended use, hence the vent cutout in the bottom of the chassis, which is otherwise unmodified. Everything is in good working order, no broken parts, no bent pins, all bearings are free moving.

Asking Price is $575 for EVERYTHING SHIPPED to anywhere in the continental US. I am open to negotiation if the offer is reasonable.