okay, so i had an issue with exploding diffs when i first started using the 2200. the screws would rip right out of the plastic diff cup on more than one ocassion. so someone told me to use the e-revo planetaries that have the differential cross brace...so i did. however, i also bought the flm aluminum dif cups at the same time. no more exploding diffs, but i'm not sure which one was the cure for the issue.

so i just got another 4x4 slash in a trade for a monster mamba esc and $170. it's decked out. mip cvds, tekno center drive shaft, GH aluminum front and rear shock towers, rpm front and rear arms, rpm rear bumper, flm wheel adapters with a brand new leopard 150A esc and a kershaw 2000kv motor with a cs170 servo.

thing is, this motor is the same size as my 2200. so i want to protect the diffs. has anyone just used the revo diff set without the flm diff cups? i'm just wondering if both were necessary. thanks guys!!