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    Jato Version 2.0 **Carbon Edition**

    As most of you know I am a Carbon nut When I found this Carbon Fiber chassis on flee bay for cheap I had to go for it. This was a carpet race roller. And was converted for electric.

    First step was to take everything apart off the original chassis. This is what a jato looks like in many pieces..

    Since everything was apart I thought it would be a good idea to clean everything. Best thing to use is Wesleys Bleach White and a tooth brush.
    Here is the aluminum chassis next to the Carbon chassis.

    I also pulled the diff apart to add a thicker fluid. This helps with single wheel spin. Making it closer to a locker without it being a full locked rear end.

    Then I moved my brakes, slipper clutch, and spur gear over to the new rear diff. Also installed the blue aluminum lever and cantilever to help with the weak stock breaking that curses the jato's I decided to use the rear end from the new chassis because it was a better setup. it had RPM A arms, aluminum cross braces, rebuilt shocks with the gold hardened shafts, and the beefier red aluminum tie rods. Also went with the newer front end as well for the same reasons. Although I need to find the right balls to screw in the RPM arms to add my sway bars.

    The rear end and motor mounted...

    The mid plate with servos and tank was added. Also replaced the fuel lines and done the Brake Linkage Mod while it was easy to get to. It also gave me the chance to route all the wiring better and zip tie it all up neatly.

    All Done with Jato Version 2.0 Carbon Edition Also trimmed out the Eciter Body that came with the chassis

    Thinking about Making this body work. It's meant for a T-maxx. I would have to do some custom mods. But I love the body. And the K5 blazers. haha
    What do you all think? Look Bad?

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