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    Exclamation Hi just bought some new spc 6500 mah hardcase lipo's and they are already puffed!!!

    one of them is already puffed majorly I can see it through the HARD CASE! I have never ran them more than 6 minutes never keep them in a too hot or too cold area. And I only charged them at 5 amps! And always had them charged balanced as well! I am really bummed this was my first set of lipos and I was told these guys were the best... I also had the lvc on my spartan on as well. Any ideas? Is it safe to use in this condition?

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    No sir; when they puff, they are potentally very dangerous. You need to toss your bad battery in a salt saturated water solution. Keep your battery in it until the voltage reads zero. The manufacturer can give you all the details.

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    What C rating where the battery's ?

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    Best to contact SPC direct.
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