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    Diff frustration.

    today I bought a couple of parts to rebuild the diffs and I put the diffs back together and they dont spin freely. Whats the problem? I have the diff to what the exploded view looks like. P.S. I bought 7000 diff fluid.

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    Was everything seated correctly. It'll be something easy to spot but without handling the diff, the only thing you can do is take it all apart and start again. Making sure it turns after each part is installed.
    Why 7,000 fluid. I'm sure stock is 30,000. many go to 100,000 I run 500,000
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    How do they not spin freely?
    If you are trying to grab the shafts with your fingers and spin them against the resistance of the fluid they are not supposed to spin freely as you have little to no leverage on them.
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    Are you talking about the horisontal axis of the diff, where outer axles to the wheels attach? this part of the diff should NOT spin freely, and when you spin one, the other side should rotate the opposite direction.

    If you are talking about where the input shaft from the tranny to the diff attaches, then yes, that should spin freely, however if not, make sure you have the diff collar on and then attach the input shaft to the diff, but not to the tranny, and spin it with ur fingers. My diffs dont like to be spun by hand, but when i put the shaft on them, they're fine.

    You also know to fill ONLY the inner diff cup, with oil, and not the entire diff and outer case, correct?
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