Here we go!!
New Projects are what keep my RC soul alive hehe!

This is basically for screwing with (in a friendly manner of course) the guys brains at my local track that only swear by their FT B4.1 and/or TLR 22b and/or Team Durango 2wd buggies who have most likely never even SEEN a Bandit at the track and even less at an actual CLUB RACE!

Well, being the avid TRX fan I've always been (only one of my 4 surface RCs isn't : its a LOSI SCTE), I've decided to give myself the goal to make it to the A-main (2wd buggy is the biggest class at my club in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, and its quite competitive). Goal #2 will be winning the A-main, but we'll see about that later!

So far, here is what I've got on my workbench, the rest is either coming from the hobby shop (I work at) or eBay (for rarer parts I'm unable to get from the shop) :

- TRX black Bandit chassis [TRA3722]
- SPEKTRUM S6040 Digital Surface Servo - High Speed [SPMSS6040]
- Recycled nitro rusty front A-arms, bulkhead & bumper (pretty beat-up, who cares really?)
- Many MAXAMPS battery packs (all 2S for racing)
- JCONCEPTS B44.1/2 set of RULUX wheels [Rear: JCO3306, Front: JCO3307]
- Team Associated front B44.1/2 10mm front wheel hexes [ASC9750]
- TRX caster blocks, blue alum. [TRA3632A]
- INTEGY steering blocks, blue alum. [INTT7996BL]
- Team Associated alum. shock set [ASC????]
- JCONCEPTS Rips front tires, super-soft (green compound) [JCO3054]
- PRO-LINE front tire molded inserts [PRO618503]
- JCONCEPTS 3Ds rear tires, super-soft (green compound) [JCO3058] (...not in picture...)
- PRO-LINE rear tire molded inserts [PRO618501] (...not in picture...)

Here is the first pic of the project:
(more to come as the project moves along!)