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Oooooo I see another SSC chassis!!!! Gett'n mine put together and dial'd in.... how do you like it DriveIt???? And Armyssg play with your gear'n.....my son runs 15/50 with the 3800 and it's pretty quick!!!!
The SSC 4x4 is a beast on the track..You can hang with sctes & sc10 4x4s with the right electronic & suspension setup... What kind of shocks are you using ?

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@Driveitlikeyoustoleit... What transponder are u running, I was looking on Amain and there a few to choose from, don't want to pay $100 dollars for one though. But if I have to then I guess I'll fit the bill..
I'm using a AMBrc transponder You can also find used transponders on other forums for less than $100. I actually traded 2 ESCs for both of my transponders