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    Rookie gearing question - street, grass and snow...

    Howdy, I hope to be getting a Slash 2WD in the coming weeks and my primary use is going to be racing around my yard, jumping off curbs, racing around our court, terrorizing the dog across the street (just kidding, we love this dog!) and teaching my boys how fun this all can be. Primarily grass and concrete, little to no mud running but we're hoping to see some snow this year so what gearing should I be looking at. Stock motor and ESC with the newer 2.4 ghz kit, and I plan on running 2s Lipos (former helo, ducted fan and fast flying wing pilot).

    Stock gearing is 86 tooth main, and 18 t pinon with I think a 23 t/p in the box. Speed on the street would be fun but not at the expensive of burning up the motor if you know what I mean.

    Snow tire or snow setup info would be appreciated too. IF we get snow in central Ohio this year, we didn't see much last year...

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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    is it the brushed version or the vxl version. i know the brushed version can handle lipo but you need to make sure first. and i would stick with stock gearing for now. for snow get a set of paddles and front skis. paddles you might want to look at either proline slingshots or sand paws. but with the sand paws you need a set of 2.2 rims. but the sling shots you can get a set of stock wheels for the slash.

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    Get the Vxl version. I got the brushed version and learnt the hard way! I burnt out my brushed motor in 2 weeks. Basically run it in anything then clean it and lube the bearings and other components with some WD-40. Maybe get some split six wheels with bead locks and proline trenchers. I have them and they perform very well.

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