Hey all,

Anyone try installing the GT Power Smart LEDs in a Stampede yet? I'm wondering how it might (or might not) be compatible with the waterproof receiver...

My question centers around the Smart LED control box plugging into the receiver slots for the steering servo and ESC, to control the brake lights and blinkers... The problem I see is that you'd have to open and "replug" the receiver slots anytime you want to change covers on your Pede... For someone who only wants one cover almost all the time, this probably isn't an issue. But I just don't know if it'd be wise to be opening and closing the receiver box everytime you wanted to change covers? The watertight nature of the receive could be compromised with too much opening/closing?

I LOVE the concept of working brake lights and turn signals, but with the Traxxas setup, it just might not be convenient unless you primarily stay with the same body cover all the time?

Anyone using this setup have any thoughts?