I know this has been done before, I've read the posts but I'm still confused and I have to get my son one within the next week so hoping you could help me decide. I was pretty much set on the erevo mini until I saw the stampede 4x4 but ruled that out as its another 100 dollars plus the battery packs will cost me at least twice as much.

Anyway. I like the summit because it has bigger tires and looks more substantial especially when my son is looking at my Losi LST2 with 7 inch Cen tires on it. He knows he is getting a little truck as he is a little man but I want him to like it.

I know the summit goes slower, but i'm sure it would be fast enough for him. I also hear that the axles suck in the summit and it flips over much easier, but that it should go offroad better.

My main problem right now is that pretty much everyone says the revo is better than the summit. So what should I get for my son? He's only 3 1/2 so we probably use training mode to begin with but he is obsessed with speed so eventually I will want it to go decently fast. Is it pretty fast on 2S or would I need 3S and will it not overheat on 3S?