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    Running in the engine OS MAX .21 TM. temperature

    Engine OS MAX .21 TM
    Driven around for instructions
    Put telemetry: RPM, temperature

    Has started is easy
    Fuel Byron nitromethane 16%, 9% oil

    Speed ​​from 10 000 to 13 000
    I measure between the radiator and the block.
    The temperature rises rapidly from 90 to 120 and beyond.
    Very quickly comes to 130.140. I further off the beaten path and wait until cool down to 90 degrees and then start.

    The carburetor is open to the factory settings. 3 turns.

    Increased to 3.5 turns but the temperature fell.
    Whether the situation is normal?

    And I can not understand the words of the manual:
    COMMENTS: Needle Settings:
    - High Speed ​​Needle (Needle Valve) 2-1/2 turns out from close.
    To break-in close approximately 30 after running one tank
    of fuel through vehicle, repeat five times
    - Mid Range Needle (Mixture Control Valve) Screw head is exactly
    1/2 turn in from flush with the carb body
    - Low Speed ​​Needle (Metering Needle) Turn 30 clockwise to lean
    mixture or counter-clockwise to richen mixture

    It turns out that the factory setting 2.5 turns. and the first 5 tanks have to close to 30 degrees each time? And the mixture is significantly poorer than 3 turns. And the engine will warm up even more.

    What is normal for the number of turns of idling?

    Last night, on the advice of the above:
    Unscrew the needle low speed until until it became deaf. 1.5 turns left
    Turnover fell to 6-8 thousand
    The temperature went to the Range 80-90
    Oil tank with about nateklo 1 cube. This nabryzgalo, and then emerged from vyhlopushki. By the way about the nozzle. The collective farms of shrinking. Skills can temporarily because there is no way to come up with something else.

    From the graph shows that 16% of fuel 100ml Byron developed a in 13.5 minutes
    The temperature was 85-95 in the second half after enrichment baseman.

    Results of the second tank
    Open the gas valve chutchut that would not stalling and warming up. In the second half of the schedule after warming up a little damper closed. But the temperature still barely reached 90.
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    You'll need to contact O.S. for tuning specs on their engine.
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