Hello again, So I have one Truck that is a 2.5 and one that is all 3.3 (Upgraded all except engine) and I was looking at my Diffs on the 2.5 which have 2 Screws holding the cases together where mine have the 4 screws then I seen online a set of 2.5 Diffs that have 4 Screws holding the cases together. What other Identifiers would seperate the sealed 3.3 diffs from the non sealed 2.5 diffs since it appears the newer 2.5 now come with 4 screws in the cases?
I just want to make sure I have the Sealed Cases and not the 2.5 cases unless the newer 2.5 cases are sealed to and just a Upgrade to the 2.5 T-Maxx.
Is there any way to tell them apart now without havung to Dissassemble them?
I know the 3.3 Sealed Diffs have A seal on the Diff Carrier along with Special Seals where the axle shafts go through the carrier part internally which the Older 2.5 Diffs did not but I do not really want to open them up that far just to look at the parts.
I have noticed my diffs are quite free as far as resistance from left to right wheel so I may be wanting to run thicker Silicone oil in it.
I have seen so many different Thicknesses in Gear oil SOme are in wt. some cps. how is one to convert say 500,000 cps to a Normal wt oil we are all familiar with? is 500,000cps similar to say 500wt or would it be more like 50wt? and what is a decent gear oil to get a really Stiff almost posi like rear end but still allow the vehicle to be able to turn?
I do not want to Spool it but I want to get a Nice stiff Diff. Right now it acts like I am running no Gear lube at all it is Quite Free in my 3.3 Truck where my 2.5 actually is quite stiff as far as Left to right but Spins nice and free from the input shaft which is almost exactly what I want on my 3.3 but I have no way to explain or show you this via the forum.