Hello readers; recently i have purchased the xo-1 1717 big block motor and the esc with the capaciter (big thanks to Kitchen. As i have read and been told, the motor mount needs to be cut to make the motor fit, what would be the best way to do this? with a dremel? a drill with the circular blades that cuts holes? i know that the 1717 motor delivers alot of torque, for the e-revo to handle the torque stronger driveshafts are inline- which brings me to my next question; i have a emaxx with steel cvd drivelines, can i switch the drivelines arround from the e revo to the emaxx and the emaxx over to the e revo? also would i have to purchase xo-1 differentials? both front and rear? just rear? or what? what mods would have to be done to hook up the differentials if i have to purchase them? what other mods do i need to do? and i think this is my last question: does anyone know if any company happens to sell any dodge bodies that are aero dynamic?

specs: it is a stock kawasaki e-revo except for alloy front lower a-arms, alloy rear skid plate, summit tires (planning on picking up a sent of either 2.8 trenchers or 3.8 trenchers for every day use, and a set of foams for high speed runs) and a alloy wheely bar

what will it be used for: the average day basher, and possibly to race some 1:1 scale cars at mopars on the strip.

feel free to ask questions, leave feedback, or creative critisism

As always;
Thanks for your time, Kenny.