Hey guys, maybe you can point me in the right direction. I am new to the RC world and just purchased two used trucks. 1- 5309 Revo 3.3 used 2- T-Maxx 4907 3.3 used. I have a heck of time trying to get them started. I have set the needles to the recommended settings (4/1.75) turns from closed. I have primed/ de-flooed the engine, my glow plugs are good, I have good fuel flow, etc etc. I hve read all the info I can find on whats going on. When I do get them to start they run well. But its really frustrating when I have to pull start them for 20min to get them going. When I bought them both a couple weeks ago, their owners got them running in like 3-4 pulls ??? I have only had about 10 minuets of run time on each. Once they stall after a few minuets, its tough to get them going again.I think I might just sell these trucks and go electric, there so much eaiser. Anyone got any advise ???