Hello All,
I have a problem that I need some help on. I recently purchased a slayer that was setup after a traxxas sponsered racer. The Slayer was in excellent shape...practically new. It has titanium pillow balls, aluminum shock post, titanium skids... the whole works. Very nice for a 300 dollar investment plus the fellow included a large bag of aluminum aftermarket parts and some new stock parts.
Anyway, I recently broke a front A-arm. I replaced both sides upper and lower. I just kept the old stuff for replacements. I have the front hinge pin in the top set of holes in the bulkhead (top a-arm). I have 2 shims front and 2 shims rear for the caster setting. These settings are default stock settings and I also have the centered hollow balls installed for the steering. Everything is default settings.
Here's my problem...after setting the camber and basically setting the toe in to zero, when I compress the chassis the the ground, the front wheels point outward approx 20 degrees (i'm estimating) and when I lift the front off the ground, they point inward maybe 5 degrees or so.
I've tried changing the hollow balls from top to bottom and can't seem to find the "sweet spot".
I have two revo monster trucks with much more travel than the slayer....they stay straight when pusing down or lifting up...what am I doing wrong with the slayer?