Hi everyone, just to start this out I am a noobi here and to the hobby, I bought a used Pede vxl4x4 about 3 months ago it already had the rpm a arms aluminum resavoir shocks and rpm bumpers . I went ahead and bought an onyx 5000 8.4v 7cell hump pack, well after about 8 runs over a months time the battery got so hot it melted the plastic cover and would no longer take a charge, then about 3 weeks ago I went and bought a new body, mil rear steel drive shafts trencher tires same size as factory body lowering kit aluminum hexs and a new battery same as 1st one, well 3rd run on it and it did the same thing now all my bearings seam to b fine and my motor and esc are not hot but just the battery pack. I was running on mowed grass bother times and my gears are stock, please help me get this figured out so I can enjoy my pede and stop buying battery packs, thanks for any help