So I bought a box of traxxas trucks at a yard sale for a good price, I got it for the 2 electrics that was in the box for the kids. Also in the box was what I think is a t maxx, it has the 3.3 and a ridiculous amount of spare parts. Who ever owned this before put what looks to be a lot of upgrades into it. I know almost nothing about the nitro cars/trucks.

It did not have the electric starter so I could not start it or even try to, from looking at it the exhaust was
upgraded as was a lot of the parts on the bottom, they were changed to aluminum and the shocks were upgraded as well. I have all the original parts that were replaced in bags that came with it.
The controller has a switch for what I am guessing is hi/lo gears?

I took a few pictures and if anyone could point me in the right direction as to what I have and could expect to get for it.