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    Question Slayer To E-Slayer Qustions...

    Well, after a long time of thinking and research, I'm going to convert by Slayer to electric. I REALLY love and enjoy nitro, but I love my rc's to have fun, not work on them 24/7. I mean, I spend 75% of my time trying to tune, start, fix, and keep my Slayer running. But with winter coming, and so much snow, (we have over 1 foot and a half of snow now) I'd like to convert my Slayer over to electric. I want to swap out the chassis, and everything I'll need so it would become a E-Revo/Slayer. How much would it cost to buy the chassis, transmission, and any other part I'll need. I'm not going to worry about what batterys, or motor/esc combo I'll put in it, I'll worry about that stuff later. I plan on keeping the stock body and beadlock wheels I have on my Slayer now. What is needed to convert it? If some one could make a part list, that would be awsome. Thanks guys! -Wolfslash16
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